5 Reasons Why You Should Read Young Adult Fiction Books

Books are vessels that can take you anywhere in the world and even in out of this world places. They are great advisers and teachers. With the words on their pages, they can give implant valuable lessons in your mind that you can take with you forever or until you breathe your last breath. You see, books are not just made up of paper and ink. They are, in fact, made up of wisdom and knowledge that can reach a lot minds and touch several hearts from all parts of the world. Young adult fiction books are among these stories that promote both learning and entertainment.

YA fiction is an exceptional genre that showcases themes about growing up and all things in between. Its books are among the most popular ones nowadays, selling millions of copies worldwide. Some of these novels come individually while others are in series. They also explore other genres such as romance, suspense, science fiction, and more. So, if you are eager to know the reasons why young adult fiction books are must-reads, here’s why:

They are entertaining like most books

Entertainment is among the perks that books bring. YA novels are not exempted with this characteristic. But the type of entertainment that they provide is different from the normal. They do not just take you to the outer space or to each of their fictional towns but also on road trips, skinny-dipping, cliff diving, zip lining, and other dare devil and exciting adventures. What also make young adult books more entertaining are the humorous dialogues that the authors convey in the stories. Lastly, YA books showcase a lot of action scenes, such as Eloise encounters a gang of outlaws in Eloise of Westhaven, Katniss volunteering as a tribute to save her sister in The Hunger Games, and Harry fighting a dragon in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Thus, you can read them on your leisure time, on moments that you are feeling down, and on periods that you want to laugh and ease some pain away.                                                                                                    

They have unpredictable plots

Plots are important in every story. Every plot must be consist of an introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement. What makes plots exciting are the conflict embedded in them that makes the characters uncover what they truly are. Each young adult book contains well-polished plots. Some even start with flashbacks or in medias res. These books also mix other literary devices in their content making the readers crave for more. Examples of the devices that add to the perfectness of the story are foreshadowing, red herring, Checkhov’s gun, and more. You will get more hooked to the story and will want to turn every page until you reach the end. 

They showcase issues in society that need to be given attention

The world is always in chaos. But as of this year, the biggest chaos is currently taking place. People from all 50 states of America have united in order to end racism and it has transcended from all over the world. In literature, however, racial discrimination has been one of the hottest themes even from the classical times. A lot of authors have been fighting for black lives and wanting everyone to know that all lives matter regardless of your race and ethnicity. Aside from racism, young adult novels also talks about abuse, violence, mental health, oppression, manipulation, and other serious stuff that needs to be given proper attention — all the more reason to read young adult fiction. They are not just about teenage love but also about bravery and bravery to eradicate these societal issues.

They have amazing characters

Characters are important in every story. Again, they move the story forward by their own magic. Most young adult fiction books have created great impact on the lives of the readers. One of the factors that left a mark on the readers is the characters. There are not just heroes and heroines in the young adult world, but there are also normal teenagers that save the day by their mundane characteristics. Examples of the wonderful characters of YA are Clarissa Fray of The Mortal Instruments series, Percy Jackson of the Percy Jackson series, Eleanor Douglas of Eleanor and Park, Charlie Kelmeckis of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and more. These characters can inspire you and others to be more than what you are right now. They will show you endless possibilities and will teach you to dream big.

They are not only for young adults but also for young adults at heart

Young adult fiction books go beyond their established age range. Those that are about to enter the world of teenagers and those that have already gone through the teenage realm can still read YA novels. The stories and lessons can still move its reader regardless of their age. The books will not stop on becoming teachers and advisers; they will still continue even if adults and children are those that own them. You can still experience how amazing and scary it is to become a teenager and conquer the world ahead of you.

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